Corn Energy Products is where you want to go in West Michigan if you are interested in saving money on your heating costs.
  We feature the Bixby Biomass System that burns corn OR wood pellets.   
Cozy family, enjoying the comfortable warmth of a Bixby Corn Stove
Alternative heating from Corn Energy Products
Corn FUEL growing - AKA cornfield
High Efficiency
Pellet Stoves

Five designer choices
High Efficiency
Corn Burning Stoves

Three designer choices
Pellett Burning Stoves
Corn Burning Stoves
Hasting Cast Iron Stove
Cast iron looks,
high tech features
Greenfield Cast Iron Stove
Class leading technology,
beautiful looks
Afton Bay
A great looking stove with
handsome bay front
Class leading corn
burning technology
Prescott EXL
Classic wood stove styling,
shown with optional gold
Modern technology
in a compact size
Prescott EXP
Efficient price,
exceptional performance
For stove specifications, click HERE
to visit the St. Croix website.
Fireplace insert with
modern conveniences

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